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About the ecoFIT pure

Our range of cupboard-fit, Quiet Mark and Which? Best Buy awarded ecoFIT boilers comes in 3 combination outputs, 25, 30 or 35kW.

The automatic purging assistance and high specification, aluminium heat exchanger makes for a lightweight installation. High quality and high efficiency, together with the complete availability of spare parts and the easy accessibility of the unit layout mean the ecoFIT pure is easy to maintain too.

Some of the ranges features include…

  • Top and rear flue options on all boiler models - Allows flexible siting options and installs in various property types
  • Compact, cupboard fit solution - Small boiler footprint, offering flexibility of siting, including a cupboard-fit
  • High-specification aluminium heat exchanger - Designed to last longer, maintain easily, and reduce energy bills
  • High-quality components - Offering peace of mind for the lifetime of the product
  • Industry leading flue lengths - 10m flue length across all ecoFIT pure boiler outputs
  • 4-sided cooling and water agitation of the heat exchanger - Reducing stress on the heat exchanger for longer life reliability and reduced maintenance costs
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